AC Thermostats UAE

AC Thermostats UAE

The UAE has ranked among the strongest nation brands in the world. The rise in the economic value of the UAE’s national brand is a clear indication of the country’s global reputation and competitiveness in various fields. Honeywell is a multinational conglomerate having strong presence in Dubai. Abu Saeed Trading Company LLC, the distributor of Honeywell, UAE strives to source and provide high quality products and renowned brands.

Our AC Thermostats are built with you in mind—to make it easy to control your indoor environment. Whether you’re looking for something simple or more advanced, we’ve got you covered. We supply products such as components, equipments, spares and tools for the industry. It includes R22 Refrigerant, R134A Refrigerant, R404A Refrigerant, R407C Refrigerant, R410A Refrigerant, AC Thermostats, Smart Thermostats, Wi-Fi Thermostats etc. Abu Saeed Trading Company LLC is one of the most reputed Honeywell AC Thermostats distributors in UAE.

The major components like the filter, evaporator coil, fan, compressor, coils, and condenser are pretty much the same as any air conditioner, but instead of being housed in different units like a mini-split, they are housed in one body for a window air conditioner. They are also smaller in size than regular central air conditioners, but adequate enough to cool your room.

With any air conditioner, the thermostat should ideally be located in a central location of the room, so that it gives an accurate reading of the temperature. It is an integral part of any air conditioning system and lets the air conditioner know when the desired temperature has been achieved so that the air conditioner can then turn off and conserve energy.

How Does a Thermostat Work?

So how does the thermostat work? It is simple really. For starters a bimetallic strip is fashioned from two different types of metal that is laminated together. When it is heated and cooled, the strip will contract and expand. The separate metals were deliberately chosen to make up the strip due to their specific rates of expansion and contraction that differ from one to the other. The strip will unwind as the metal on the interior of the coil expands when the coiled strip is heated.

The temperature adjustment lever is connected to the center of the coil and on the end of that coil is a mounted mercury switch, which will either wind or unwind which then make the mercury tip to one side or the other. Adjusting the thermostat lever to turn the heat up rotates the coil and mercury switch to the left. Once it tips left, the currents in the mercury switch will start to flow. The heater will start and the fan will circulate when the current energizes the relay. The circuit will break and turn off the heat as the room gradually heats up and the coil slowly unwinds.

The wired thermostat is engineered for a system featuring five wires:

G – The G wire relays the fan to turn on.
W – The W wire relays the heating system on.
Y – The Y wires relays to switch the cooling system on.
RC – This wire derives from the 24VAC transformer in conjunction with the air-conditioning system.
RH – This wire comes from the 24VAC transformer in relation to the heating system.

We are distributor as well as a wholesaler of Honeywell, UAE. Above all we consolidate the products and resell to customers
In addition to, we provide our manufacturer Honeywell with a number of services. These include product inventory, warranty and servicing of the product, market feedback, consolidation of products and services, and marketing of the product.


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