Honeywell Dealers in UAE

Honeywell Dealers in UAE

Honeywell dealers in UAE provides a comprehensive solution to industrial sector enabling greater product design and quality innovation. Abusaeed Trading Company is the authorised Honeywell Home retail suppliers in UAE of a wide range of components, equipments, spares and tools for the industry

Abusaeed Trading Company is the leading Honeywell Distributor UAE, serve the market by providing value-added services and high-level customer support. We distribute refrigerant, Thermostats, actuators etc and have a long list of satisfied clients

Honeywell Actuators

An actuator is a device that produces a motion by converting energy and signals going into the system. The motion it produces can be either rotary or linear. Linear actuators, as the name implies, produce linear motion. This means that linear actuators can move forward or backwards on a set linear plane - a set distance they can travel in either direction before they must stop. Rotary actuators on the other hand produce rotary motion, meaning that the actuator revolves on a circular plane. Unlike the linear actuator, the rotary actuator is not limited by a set path, which means it can keep rotating in the same direction for as long as necessary.

Honeywell Electric Actuators

A damper actuator, or damper motor, from Grainger adjusts the flow of air though an HVAC system. How the damper will operate in the system is an important consideration when choosing damper actuators. That’s why you’ll find a wide range of actuator options here. Choose from modulating actuators, spring return and nonspring return types, two-position actuators and more in a wide range of speeds, strokes and torque. For efficient HVAC operation, check out the damper actuator and damper motor supply at Grainger and find the one that fits your needs today!

Electric Linear Valve Actuators

These actuators enable modulating control in conjunction with controls providing an analog output. The direction of movement is reversible by means of an internal selector plug. They operate Honeywell’s standard valves in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications.


  • Firstly, Quick and easy installation
  • Secondly, No separate linkage required
  • Thirdly, No adjustments
  • Fourthly, Force-limiting end switches
  • Fifthly, Manual operator

Some more features include Synchronous motor, Corrosion-resistant design, Direct or reverse-acting adjustable, Selectable stroke position on signal failure and Maintenance-free

Abusaeed Trading Company deal in only the best brands from world's well known companies who manufacture state-of-the-art products. As an acknowledgement to our commitment, we have a long list of satisfied clients including some of the most reputed firms from Middle East, Africa and India.


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